Another DIY post! – Squash Photo Album

I just realized August is a month when many of my friends and family have their birthdays. And today is my roommates’ birthday!! So I decided to post another DIY post!!

I made this present for my roommate and she liked it so much!!! She was like WOW when she saw this present ­čśÇ The idea of this present is for it to be small so that you can carry it everywhere but still contain lots of memories. Besides that, you only need little to no budget to do this. All it takes is just a little bit of creativity!

These are what I used:

  • Black/coloured paper(minimum x3/add more if you want the product to be longer)
  • Patterned papers (Use different patterns to make it look more beautiful!!)
  • Squared photos (I used 4 here)
  • Adhesive materials (I used double-sided tape and glue)
  • Scissors / blade (Be careful!!!)
  • Some pens to decorate and write ( I used a marker pen and a brush pen)



Cut the 3 A4 paper into 3 identical squares, it can be in any sizes. For me, I  trimmed the length of the A4 paper down to its width.


Fold the paper into half twice so you get four quadrants.

Then fold the paper diagonally and your paper should now look like this:


Do the same for the other two papers and fold them into the this shape:


Next you would need to stick three of them together like this:


Now stick the patterned papers into some of the triangular areas.


And then you can stick photos of your choice.


Then add your covers on both side of the squash album. For the cover, I used some hard paper (or you can use two layers ) so that it does not bend that easily.

Brighten (2)

Finally, you can use the pen to write some words and decorate the cover and also the inside the squash album.



For me, this idea isn’t only about giving a present to someone.It is something that we can use not only to express our feelings to someone, but also to store our memories inside it. Why not give it a try? Maybe your loved ones will like it!

Feel like doing it? Start off by printing some photos on our website!

Happy crafting people!