Angling that Perfect Food Shot

Food Photography

Foodies are everywhere on social media now, but do you ever struggle to take that perfect food shot worth posting on Instagram? Here are 4 different angles you can start with, along with some tips to take the perfect food photo.

#1: The Flat Lay

Taking photos from above is very popular on Instagram, even beyond food photography. This angle allows you to showcase all the details of your food, including the cutlery around it.

Flat Lay shot

Remember – composition is key; arrange your food and cutlery to bring out the best details. In order to let the vibrant colours in your food pop, use a neutral background.

Don’t be afraid to add some hands in the frame! Asking your friend to pick up a cookie while you’re taking the shot can add a human touch to your flat lay.

Flat Lay hands

#2: Diagonal Wholeness

The diagonal shot gives a three dimensional effect to your food by capturing both the top and side views. Shooting in natural light can help to avoid yellowish hues, and bring out the best colours in your food.

Diagonal Shot

You can try keeping the surroundings neat in this shot to focus on the main subject – your food!

#3: The Side Shot

If you food has interesting details on the inside, shooting from one side is a good way to enhance those details. For instance, that layered cake would definitely deserve a flattering shot from the side.

Side shot of layered cake

#4: The Close-up

You wouldn’t want to miss that close-up of that oozing salted egg bun, or drizzling maple syrup! The close-up is one of the most enticing ways to capture your mouth watering dish. This angle can highlight the textures or contrasting flavours in your food.

Close up shot

Hope you got an idea on how to start off those food shots! Practice makes perfect, so go on and document your pretty meals. Till next time!