All you need to know about Greeting Cards

Are you still buying greeting cards from the store but tired of receiving similar cards? Start creating your own personalised photo cards with us! In today’s PFF blog, we will sharing on how to create your own custom greeting card and photo cards in minutes.

At Print Fun, we offer you all kinds of well-designed greeting card templates for any occasion. Be it for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, toasts to an achievement or important milestones, you’ll be able to find a card that caters to your liking in our collection of aesthetic and trendy cards!

Ready? Let’s get started!

Types of Greeting Cards

Custom-printed greeting cards are a nice way to celebrate an occasion, send a message to a dear friend, or to add a personal touch to a gift. Our greeting cards are sold in sets of 10 and they come in two sizes: 5R (5″ x 7″) and 4″x8″. What’s more, they come with envelopes in the respective sizes!

You can print two types of greeting card with our online printing services:

Folded Cards

These are also known as our classic greeting cards that offer more room for your photos, and handwritten notes compared to our flat cards (more on that later). Perfect for enclosing gift certificates, tickets, and magnets. Moreover, having to unfold the card also adds an element of surprise that makes the moment feel just a tad more special.

Flat Cards

Our flat cards feel more modern than their folded counterparts. Though they have lesser room for your messaging, they’re also cheaper to print. Ideal for people or who wish mass send greeting cards in the mail to family or customers. They typically more attention-getting since you don’t have to open the card to read the contents. For this type of greeting card, you can select if you would like your card to be either single-sided or double-sided.

How to Create an Awesome Greeting Card

New to design and have no clue where to start? Fret not! We have numerous ready-made, beginner-friendly card templates designed for any occasion. Follow our simple steps to get the unique card that fits your style!

Step 1: Decide your greeting card type and style

When it come to greeting cards, we offer a wide range of choices so that you can create the ideal-sized card for your needs. First, head on over to our Greeting Cards product page and click on the Order Now button.

You then need to select the size you want; either 5R (5″ x 7″) or 4″x8″.

You can then customise the card to your style:

  • Decide whether you want the card to be portrait or landscape
  • Flat (Single-sided or Double-sided) or folded card?

Step 2: Choose a card template

Our variety of card templates makes it so easy for you to design your own greeting cards. Use the left panel of the design page to browse our wide range of card template categories such as Baby, Weddings and Travel. Simply click to select the one you would like to use.

Step 3: Upload your photos

Now you want to sift through your photos to select the one that you want. The theme and purpose of your photo card will be the primary guide as you select the appropriate photo for your design. Once you found the photo, simply upload it by clicking on Upload.

Step 4: Add your photos to your template

Once you have made your final photo selections, it is time to add them to the design template. Simply drag and drop your photos onto the template for a personal touch.

Then, unleash your creativity and reap the benefits of this awesome card design feature. Use our design tools to input your text with various fonts and adjust the background, colors and anything else to fit your style. No design skills are necessary in order to make a marvelous festival, holiday, or business greeting cards. Experiment and try them out to achieve a perfect visual feast!

Step 5: Preview and Save

The preview gives you an idea of how your greeting card will look like when it is printed. You can choose to either Save your design for later edits or Add To Cart once you have finalised the artwork.

Optional: Design your own card from scratch

You don’t have to choose from our popular design templates. Instead, you can let your creativity take over and upload a design done by you! Choose a Blank: Use Your Own Art Template before adding your design. After you have done that, you can still choose to utilise our tools to include any edits where necessary.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to create greeting cards is simple. And there is a multitude of uses for Print For Fun‘s extensive selection of greeting cards and photo cards. Get all of photo greeting card needs are met with our photo printing services! You will not be able to go back to standard greeting cards once you see how easy and meaningful these custom photo cards truly are!

Till next time, cheers!

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