Get Creative With Our Newly Launched Acrylic Photo Block


Looking for something a little out of the ordinary? In this blogpost, we will be introducing our newly launched Acrylic Photo Block, a perfect photo display and gift for any occasion.

What kind of photos should I PRINT ON MY ACRYLIC PHOTO BLOCK?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the types of photos you can print on our Acrylic Photo Block. Besides displaying your greatest milestones and favourite moments, our Acrylic Photo Blocks also serve as unique corporate gifts. Pets are also a popular choice of photo printing.

In terms of photo composition, we would recommend photos with higher contrast, vibrant colours, and more shadows. Our crystal-clear acrylic blocks help to bring out the colour and depth in such photos and create an impressive three-dimensional effect. Additionally, we would recommend closeup photos with minimal negative space (the area surrounding the main subject) to achieve a more professional look.


Transform a corner of your home into your very own mini gallery. Display your sleek Acrylic Photo Blocks on your mantelpiece or shelf, alongside other photo of your loved ones. Relieve your special moments every time you glance past the memories permanently etched in those blocks. With a solid and weighted feel, the acrylic blocks are stable enough to stand without additional support. This makes it perfect for that clean, gallery-inspired look.

In the office, display some family portraits to brighten up and add a personal touch to your dull desk space.

Our Acrylic Photo Blocks are also popular in bulk as a thoughtful event memorabilia or an impressive corporate gift.

Get inspired with our video.


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