A Guide To Caring For Your Acrylic Photo Block

Hello everybody! Welcome back again to the PFF blog. Today, we would like to share how you can keep your acrylic photo block looking pristine and timeless. We want your prints to always look their best, so it is important to know how to maintain your acrylic photo block. To preserve the beauty of your precious memories, you just need to follow these simple tips!

Tip 1: Use a microfiber cloth

Avoid ammonia or alcohol-based cleaners and paper towels. Harsh cleaning agents and paper towels can easily damage your acrylic block by leaving behind messy streaks and scratches. Instead use a soft, dry microfiber cloth. These soft towels will not scratch the delicate acrylic unlike tougher rags. They also trap dirt more easily due to the tiny size of the fibers, allowing you to really dig into the corners of the frame and trap dust without damaging any part of the frame. Lint-free options are best to keep the frame’s viewing area clean and clear.

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Tip 2: Location and Placement

Location, location, location. While our acrylic prints are extremely durable and long-lasting, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care in protecting them. Do keep your acrylic photo block away from places of high moisture and humidity and direct sunlight. Be sure to also avoid placing your acrylic photo block face down on any surface that may scratch it.

Tip 3: Opt for gentle acrylic cleaners

To protect your frame and keep your memories visible, choose acrylic-safe cleaning supplies. Brillianize Acrylic Cleaner and Polish is an all-in-one frame glazing cleaner and polisher that is safe for glass, acrylic and other plastics. The cleaner is ammonia-free and alcohol-free, making it safe for both the frame and the art. Moreover, it reduces static charge on and around the acrylic photo block, helping to prevent dust buildup.

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Unboxing and Caring for your Acrylic Photo Block

When you first receive your acrylic photo block, dampen a soft microfiber cloth with water and wipe down all the edges to reduce static charge. You can then apply acrylic cleaner to both sides of the acrylic to reduce the buildup of static electricity.

You may only have to lightly wipe down the acrylic photo block on a weekly basis. If you don’t have the time for weekly dusting, clean your acrylic photo block with the acrylic cleaner when you notice dust accumulating or the glazing is smudged with fingerprints or marks.

When you print your photos in acrylic, you are creating lasting works of art. Acrylic prints add a distinctive modern touch to any home or office. Knowing how to maintain your acrylic photo prints is key.  Many people over-clean their acrylic photo block, which can harm the quality of their photographs. While these prints are made to last, you need to take care not to scratch or distort the image. We hope these tips are useful. With the proper care, your prints will wow your friends, family, and business clients for years to come!

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