A gift guide for Father’s Day

Buying gifts for Father’s day can be daunting as we tend to have no idea what to get for our dads or for our husbands. In today’s blog post, we share with our readers what a perfect gift for Father’s day would be.

Here we go!

#1 Photostrips


This cute little thing is a good gift especially for the dad or husband who loves planners and books as they can use it as a bookmark (A bookmark filled with fun moments).


#2 Frame your favourite moments of your hubby, your child and you.


Print your favourite moment with your dad or husband!

#3 Letters to your husband

Large squares

Being a parent is not easy, but you are never alone when it comes to parenting. Make a letter to thank your husband for all his patience, his never-ending support, unconditional love and for just being a great dad.


#4 Recipes for the foodie and love-to-cook dad

photo recipe cards

Making a bunch of recipe cards may just be the thing for you, if your dad is a foodie and loves to cook! Compile recipes that he has been wanting to try and make them! Previously, we did a blog post on a DIY photo recipe cards. You can check it out here. 

And that’s it folks! Hope you guys have gotten an idea on what to get for your dad or husband on Father’s day.

‘Till next time!