5 Photo Wall Ideas for your Wedding Day

Wedding preparation, especially photo wall ideas, may very well be one of the most stressful moments leading up to your wedding day. Even with professional assistance, many things must be considered to achieve your desired “feels”. Hence in today’s Print For Fun blog, we are here to make things a little easier for you!

Introducing 5 photo wall ideas to add your personal touch to the wedding decor itself through the use of photos. The display of photos during weddings not only helps to reminisce about the past and allows guests to glimpse your love story, but it is also an affordable wedding decor.

  1. Polaroid Wall 
    polaroid wall

    Visuals are always more appealing to the eye. Instead of merely providing cards for your guests to express their well wishes, why not replace them with a Polaroid wall? This will definitely be a great addition to personalising your wedding space! In addition, a photo wall with polaroids will serve as precious memories of friends and family who came to attend your wedding.

  2. Photo Backdrop 
    bd 2

    Want a simple and homely wedding without the addition of too many props? Simply put your photos to good use by using them as your backdrop! Twine and pegs make a good combination with hanging photos any day.

  3. Guest Book alternative 

    guest book alternative

    Going for the glam and chic look? Kill two birds with one stone by allowing your guests to express their heartfelt wishes on your photo album or large prints.

  4. Photos along the walkway 

    This may look like a simple idea to many, but placing your photos along the walkway to the wedding venue will create moments where guests gush at how sweet the bride and groom are together. Infuse some fun element in; you don’t always have to portray the glam and beautiful side. Tell your stories through the photos. The good moments, bad moments, funny moments, cute moments, real moments – they all deserve to be featured.

  5. Table Decor 
    table decor

    table decor 2
    table decor 3

    If you have DIY (do it yourself) cells in you, you can consider such a set up! Or a simple table decor by displaying the table number on the photo itself will do the trick too.

With all these ideas in mind, one thing is for sure. You definitely don’t want your photos to be printed with a lousy quality. Print For Fun assures you a quality that will definitely leave you satisfied and wanting more. Offering prints of different sizes, we only hope you won’t be too stressed out by the options we provide you with.