11 Creative Ways of Using Photo Frames for Your Photo Wall

It’s 2023, and we have scoured the latest looks for you to spruce up your wall decor with prints. Use it to reflect your sense of personal style, or a reminder of what you want to be in the coming year. 

Easy DIY Photo Walls: 11 Unique Photo Ideas for Your Wall

Are you looking for ways to redecorate your walls? Here are some ideas we think you’ll love. We know some of you don’t like to nail your frames to the wall, or have frames at all. This guide will have something for everyone, and some wall decor inspiration to get your started. Read on!

Photo Wall Ideas Using Frames

Colourful Ensemble Framed Prints

Credit: Framebridge

Bring colour to your wall by using colourful prints and frames so your wall explodes with colour to show off your personality. Print For Fun has prints in popular sizes to suit your every need.

White Frames Ensemble, Destination Themed

Credit: Homelava

Had an unforgettable trip and want to remember those memories? Create a destination themed Gallery Wall with your favourite moments from that trip. Pick a few key tones (in this case, blue and orange) and let your white frames bring out the colour.  Switch out these photos after your next trip. 

Curated Ready to Hang Photo Wall Art

Credit: Pinterest

Want to decorate your wall but not sure how to start? Browse our ready to hang collection of Abstract Art, Quotes and Maps, or purchase a digital image from independent artists on Etsy and upload the image on our site, and have it delivered to you, ready to hang. 

Single Colour Square Frame Photo Wall – Using Portraits

Credit: ApartmentTherapy

Frame up your favourite moments and give them each an equal space on the wall using Square Frames. This is using a single colour, usually all white or all black to bring out the photos. Add a mat board to accentuate the closeups of your family and your best moments. Trust us, these will never grow old. 

Large Frames with Small Photos

Credit: Jenna Sue Design

Embrace the white space within the large frames and put together a ceiling to floor effect like this one. Black and white photos work best for these. This will definitely be a feature wall in your home for sure. 

Larger than Life Family Portraiture

Credit: ChrisLovesJulia

Larger than life, fill the background in white, 1 kid for each photo, and make it look like the object (in this case, one of your kids or fur-kids) are popping out. Tip is to try to keep to the height ratio so it looks more realistic. Give it a go!

Photo Wall Ideas Without Frames

Fairy Light Photo Wall

Credit: Pinterest

Light up your room with a fairy light photo wall. Our Small Vintage prints work best for this look. We’d recommend wooden pegs for the vintage look, or plastic pegs to keep the focus on the prints. 

Square Tiles – No nails

Credit: Pinterest

Love the look of frames but don’t want the hassle of nailing it on the wall? We like this from Air Frames, perfect to create and extend any collection of photos. Lightweight and easy to hang, you’re sure to love these. Order and have them delivered within 3 days!

Canvas Prints

Credit: ApartmentTherapy

Have a plain white wall you desperately want to decorate? Decorate your wall by using a bold image to create a focal point to bring that pizzazz to your wall. Find out how our canvas prints will do just the trick.

Heart Shaped Photo Collage

Credit: ItsClaudiaG

Create a heart shaped wall with our small vintage prints. Write a note on each to remember the event or memory, and your reflections. In case you wanted to know how many pictures this was made of, it’s 37!

Photos Hung Up on String and Pegs: DIY Method

Credit: ApartmentTherapy

On a budget? Create a quick photo wall in a DIY way. The string and pegs are available at places like Daiso. We recommend choosing photos with a lot of colours for a plain white wall, or black and white for a bold statement effect. Square prints work the best for this!