10 Best Instagram Locations in Singapore

In our overcrowded metropolis, we are always on the lookout to take a photo that adds to our aesthetic Instagram feed without looking cheap or cliche. If you have expended the usual spots at the Super Trees at Gardens by the bay or the spots at the National Gallery or Singapore Art Museum and you are searching for the next Instagram-able location in our small island, then this list is for you!


10. People’s Park Centre

This building is located in Chinatown  is known for its boxy design and red Chinese lettering at the sides.While many people take touristy photos of the building from far, it is much more rewarding to go into the building which is filled with remittance agencies, massage parlors and hair salons and access the roof/viewing deck via the staircase.


9. International Plaza

International Plaza is actually a private residence but the security guards at the condo are willing to give you a visitor’s pass to enter to take photos as long as you act discreetly and do not disturb the residents of the condo. The signature feature of the building is its predominantly white facade with large number signs near the lift lobby that go up to the 49th floor.


8. Mandai Connection

The industrial area of Mandai houses and interestingly-shaped spiral car park which offers visitors a wide number of angles to take an interesting photo. Explore Singapore has an interesting page that covers the directions to get there so do check it out some other time.



7. Helix Bridge

The Helix Bridge is probably the next coolest spot to take photos after the promenade outside the Shoppes at Marina Bay. Besides being an architectural masterpiece in itself, it offers an interesting angle on the Marina Bay Sands building as well as the Marina waterfront area. It’s a shame that the bridge itself is always crowded with tourists, joggers and cyclists but there are many viewing points where you can get a obstruction-free spot for fantastic photos.



6. Marina Square Rooftop

This maze-like area is actually an emergency exit but the unique design makes it possible for a cool group shot with friends or a #OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) post on social media. (image credits to Explore Singapore)


5. Henderson Waves

This wooden-paneled bridge connects Mount Faber Park to Telok Blangah Hill Park and is shaped like waves while being 36m high. It is architecturally interesting and it is possible to get a good sunset picture there. The place is popular among nature lovers and others who go there to walk, run or cycle.


4. Float@Marina Bay

Ever since the National Day was regrettably moved to the Sports Hub, the float has been rather abandoned but the sea of different colored seats make for an interesting setting for a photo. While it is fenced up, going inside to snap a picture or two is a common practice and it doesn’t seem that anyone minds… 🙂


3. Telok Ayer Railway Bridge

This bridge used to be part of a train track but was abandoned some years back and now serves as a flyover. With the right amount of rusted metal beams and weeds growing around the tracks, it looks dilapidated enough to give your photos a retro feel and feels rather quaint in a city where the standard is usually concrete and glass. Do walk around nearby as there is an abundance of greenery and old-ish enclaves that may also be worth a photo!


2. Bay South Gardens

The Bay South Gardens is located opposite to the Marina Bay area and is connected by the Marina Barrage. Because it is rather underused and not many people frequent it yet other than the residents of the nearby condominiums, the paths are still rather empty in the mornings and they offer a tranquil view of the city across a large body of water. Do beware that it is a long walk from any form of public transport but do give it a visit during sunrise or sunset for a rewarding sight.


1. Future of Us Structure

This interesting structure is located within the Gardens by the Bay area and was left empty after the Future of us Exhibition ended earlier this year.It is not uncommon to see photographers in the area to take portraits and you might even spot some familiar faces there if you are familiar with the Singapore photography scene!



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