Wood Prints FAQs

Product specifications

Our wood prints are printed with high quality inks and we use premium quality birch wood. It has the best natural wood grain which goes perfectly with the photos. We print directly on the wood and the wood grain shows up through your photos. The beauty of our prints on wood is the natural look that wood is able to achieve. No two pieces of wood is exactly the same and every one is unique.

We do not use white inks when we print on wood. We prefer the wood grain and colour to take over the whites in your photos, so bright skies and light colours show up in earthly tones and gives your photo a natural warm look.

Here is the list of minimum resolutions we require for our wood print sizes:

  • 15x20cm wood print: 900x1200 pixels
  • 20x20cm wood print: 1200x1200 pixels
  • 20x30cm wood print: 1200x1800 pixels
  • 30x30cm wood print: 1800x1800 pixels
  • 30x40cm wood print: 1800x2400 pixels
  • 40x40cm wood print: 2400x2400 pixels
  • 40x60cm wood print: 2400x3600 pixels
  • 60x80cm wood print: 3600x5400 pixels
  • 80x80cm wood print: 5400x5400 pixels
  • You can print your wood here.

    Helpful Tips

    We take 5-8 working days to process your wood. If you have an urgent order, you can speak to us at hello@printforfun.sg. We will try our best to cater to your timeline.

    We offer two options for displaying your wood prints: a wooden mount for hanging or a wooden stand for displaying on your desk.

    > Our wooden mount allows you to be able to hang up your wood print on a nail on the wall, or attach velcro tapes to the mount if you don't fancy nails on your wall. The wood mount adds a layer of depth to your print, so your print pops out of the wall.
    > Our wooden display stand lets you slot your wooden print and your print will be displayed at an 80 degree angle.